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Application of electric measurement products in smart light pole industry

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Smart light poles generally include the following functions
1. Smart lighting
2. 5G micro base station
3. Environmental monitoring
4. IP network speaker
5. Video monitoring
6. LED advertising screen
7. AC charging pile
8. One click help

It has become an important means of self diagnosis of intelligent light pole system to know the use status of equipment by measuring the power consumption of each functional equipment; In order to fine management, measuring the energy consumption of various functional equipment has also become one of the basic requirements of smart light poles.

The power module of the smart light pole has AC and DC output at the same time, so it must be able to measure both AC and DC. We recommend the following electric metering solutions.

Scheme I
Recommended product: BL0950 ten circuit AC/DC electric energy metering chip
Highlight: One chip can measure AC and DC simultaneously, up to 1U, 10I or 3U, 6I; Calibration free

Scheme II
Recommended product: IM1281B/IM1253B single AC DC electric metering module
Highlight: Direct reading of voltage, current, power and electricity data; Calibrated; High precision