Making charging more convenient than refueling, Guangzhou will build the world's first "super charging city"

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Recently, the world's first super charging city (Guangzhou) was launched and the Aion super charging and changing center was officially 

completed. It is planned that by 2025, by means of "self construction + cooperation and joint construction", Aion will build 1000 super 

charging and exchange centers in Guangzhou, and finally realize the coverage of 1.5km radius, making Guangzhou the first "super 

charging city" in the world. On the one hand, it can help Eyan improve the energy supply system of integrated light storage, charging and 

replacement, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the new energy vehicle industry, promote the high-quality development 

of the new energy vehicle market, and contribute to the realization of the national double carbon goal; On the other hand, it can accelerate 

the solution of the pain point of charging convenience, and bring more convenient charging experience than refueling for vehicle owners 

and users.


In recent years, the electric vehicle industry has developed vigorously. According to the statistics of relevant departments, by the end of 2021, 

the number of electric vehicles in China has reached more than 6.4 million. The subsequent charging anxiety has become a key pain point 

that affects the healthy development of the industry and people's satisfaction with electric vehicles. According to media reports, during the 

National Day holiday last year, the daily charging demand of expressways was almost four times that of normal times, and some electric 

vehicle owners had to get up in the early morning just to stagger the peak period and seize the public charging pile to charge their vehicles.

How to break the anxiety of electric vehicle charging? How to solve the congestion of charging piles? Therefore, there is an urgent need for 

more powerful industry related enterprises to participate in it and provide more and better solutions.

In the field of charging piles, it has followed the pace of the industry. It has launched a number of electric measurement and metering modules 

supporting AC and DC charging piles. Among them, im1281b and im1253b electric measurement and metering modules have also won the 

"2019 China charging pile industry electric energy metering Quality Award", "China charging pile industry annual core module Brand Award" 

and other honors.

The company has been deeply engaged in the field of electrical measurement and measurement for many years, and has 22 patents for soft 

books, invention patents and utility models. We have successfully provided more than 100 kinds of smart meters, power meters, digital display 

meters and embedded metering and measurement solutions for customers in various industries! It has provided high-quality products and 

services to more than 1000 customers, and the cumulative shipment of electric measurement and metering modules has reached more than 1 


In the future, the company will continue to implement the enterprise purpose of "making electric measurement and measurement simple" and 

continue to deliver more high-quality products and services to the charging pile field.

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