Smart meters are facing new opportunities! The State Council issued the opinions on promoting the urbanization construction with the county as an impo

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In China, the county is an important part of the urban system and an important link between the city and the countryside. Promoting the construction 

of county towns is an important link in the process of urbanization in China. It is of great significance to promote the construction of new urbanization 

and the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.


According to statistics, there are more than 1800 counties and county-level cities in China, with a resident population of 260 million. Under the background 

of building a new pattern with domestic circulation as the main body and domestic and foreign double circulation promoting each other, the county is 

undoubtedly an important engine for expanding domestic demand.

To this end, the State Council issued the opinions on promoting the urbanization construction with the county as an important carrier, proposing to improve 

the municipal infrastructure system and consolidate the basic support for county operation. It includes strengthening the transformation of the old pipe network, 

promoting the transformation of the old community, promoting the digital transformation, promoting the unified management of the county's operation, promoting 

the application and intelligent transformation of the Internet of things such as municipal public facilities and buildings, and deploying smart electricity meters, smart 

water meters and other sensing terminals.

This means that the market of smart electricity meters, smart water meters and other civil electricity meters will usher in new growth. Taking smart meters as an 

example, China has comprehensively promoted the installation and application of smart meters since 2010. The mandatory replacement cycle of meters is 6-8 years, 

and the industry has a large demand for replacement. According to the data, the State Grid is expected to invite bids for more than 77 million smart meters in 2022, and 

the bidding amount of smart meters of China Southern Power Grid will increase to 3.176 billion yuan. It is expected that in the next few years, with the continuous 

deepening of urbanization, the market demand for smart meters will further expand.

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